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About Tom Wishon

Tom WishonTom Wishon Golf Technology is recognized as the highest quality designer of high performance original clubheads, shafts, grips and fitting technology products used by independent professional custom clubmakers around the world.

Having begun his golf equipment career in 1972, Tom Wishon is the author of 9 books on different technical areas within the field of golf club performance and clubfitting, in addition to hundreds of equipment related articles written for virtually every golf publication in the industry. As Terry McSweeney, Director of Communications for the PGA of America states, "Tom has the unique ability to communicate technical issues about golf equipment so non-technically minded people can easily understand and follow the subject".

Two of Wishon’s books, The Search for the Perfect Golf Club and The Search for the Perfect Driver qualified for best-selling status and won successive Book of the Year awards in 2006 and 2007 from the International Network of Golf, the oldest and largest organization of golf industry media professionals in the world.

Tom Wishon has been a member of the Golf Digest USA magazine Technical Advisory Panel since 1994, has been the Technical Advisor to the PGA of America’s web site, since 2004, and is presently a regular contributor to the PGA Magazine of Great Britain. He is considered the ‘go-to guy’ by the equipment editors for virtually all of the major consumer golf publications in their search for honest, marketing-free, technical explanations about the technical performance of golf clubs.

Tom is the only designer from the custom clubmaking segment of the golf industry whose clubhead designs have been used to win on the PGA Tour and in Ryder Cup competition. He has designed and custom built the golf clubs used in competition by Scott Verplank, Bruce Lietzke, Ben Crenshaw, as well as the last set of clubs played by Payne Stewart before his tragic departure from the game in 1999. In his design career, Tom has originated more than 50 different clubhead design firsts.

As Tom stated in making his decision to establish his own company, “I completely respect the product design work of the large golf equipment companies, but my three decades in golf club research has proven without question that the best set of golf clubs any golfer will ever play will be a set of professionally custom fit golf clubs, and not a set of standard made clubs simply bought off the shelf.”

It is in support of that belief that Tom and his company are proud to create the "Your-Fit Custom Clubfitting Program"  so that golf clubfitting professionals can offer the highest quality, professionally fit custom golf clubs that allow golfers to reach their full potential.

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